Monday, May 27, 2013

Tips for Approaching Your Boss About Chair Massage At The Office

This article is written for those individuals who are the office managers, personal assistants, and directors of recreation for various businesses. You are the people who are responsible for making things run smoothly in whatever business you are in, as well as helping to boost morale and productivity.

Maybe you have been thinking about introducing your office to the benefits of chair massage, and you are not quite sure how to approach your boss about it. Many employers are biased against anything that seems too relaxing, thinking that it will have a negative effect on the staff community. Studies have shown however, that this is simply not true.

So perhaps you are looking to create a proposal for your boss which includes some proof that chair massage can be helpful. In which case, there are several studies which I will summarize that can be presented to your employer to help them make a decision favorable for all the staff employed by your company.

One of the studies that can be presented to the boss is the study published in the Complimentary Therapies in Clinical Practice journal. Nurses were provided with 15 minute massages once a week. A self assessment test provided to the nurses at the end of the study showed that they felt less stress and less anxious after receiving their short duration chair massages. This study can be found by clicking here.

Another study which used a more definite assessment technology (blood pressure measurement) was carried out in which persons were given 15 minute massages. Their blood pressure was measured before and after the massage, and it was found to have been significantly lowered by the massage therapy. This study can be linked to by clicking here.

A third study which may help you in your discussion with your boss about the addition of chair massage to your staff’s beneficial activities is a study performed with hospital nurses in a large and very busy hospital. Among the assessed outcomes were their pain and tension, their level of relaxation, and their overall mood after the massage therapy. The results showed a decrease in pain and tension, an increase in relaxation, and an improved mood.

Most likely, the nurses were more able to deal with their large workload of patients, who are often non-cooperative. It is also likely that being in a better mood improved their ability to deal with argumentative families of patients, who are themselves under a great deal of stress. Having an improved mood surely helped those nurses deal with their stressful and high tension jobs. That study can be linked to by clicking here.

With the abundance of studies available online, as well as the few mentioned above, it should be easier to convince any employer that their business would benefit from the addition of chair massage, either regularly or as a special treat, to their list of employee perks and benefits. They will undoubtedly find that their staff becomes more productive, and more able to overcome obstacles placed in their way due to their greater degree of relaxation.

A relaxed mind is usually a mind more capable of seeing the hidden solution to any problem, where stress and tension may obscure even the most obvious solution. It is our hope that these aforementioned studies help when trying to create an employee relaxation or appreciation day with your employer. If your company is interested in booking a chair massage session, they can contact us by visiting our website, linked to here.

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