Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mobile Office Chair Massage BEFORE Your Next Big Deadline

When your company is contemplating and preparing for your next major deadline, perhaps chair massage will come to mind. Chair massage can help your employees to have greater concentration and focus, along with less anxiety and stress. Since deadlines tend to be associated with a lot of anxiety, this can be a great way to help improve the response that your employees have to deadlines.

Your staff undoubtedly has a very heavy workload, with each person contributing their fair share of work to the completion of the deadline. While there are some individuals who work better under pressure, even those individuals can end up with stress related health complaints around the time of a deadline. Such complaints range from the occasional tension in their shoulders to constant migraines which make work (and any other daily routine activity) difficult if not impossible. While there are many who work very well under pressure, there are also those staff members who do not work well in such situations.

For these employees, as well as the rest, rather than trying to force them to do something they are unable to do, you might want to instead treat them to a short duration chair massage. The massage chair can be situated in a small office, the cafeteria, a break room, or any other place where you have a small amount of space in your office. All employees can come in at a scheduled time to receive their massage.

If you provide chair massage for your employees before their deadlines, you are likely to find that their work is completed faster, you are ahead of schedule, and their is a much more relaxed vibe at work. This inspires creativity and productivity far better than the constant crunch time reminders that many employers bring to their staff. Since it may very well help to boost the bottom line of your business, it certainly can't hurt to try chair massage for your staff before their next deadline.

If you would like more information about offering chair massage for your next event or office party, please click here.
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