Monday, July 29, 2013

Workplace Chair Massage For High Stress Jobs

I have often wondered many times, what are the most stressful jobs out there? And how can people at these jobs be helped to handle the extreme amounts of stress their jobs entail? So, today I did a search for the most stressful jobs in every industry, and came across an interesting list on the website

According to this list, the most stressful jobs are enlisted military personnel, general military, firefighter, commercial airline pilot, and public relations executive. These were at the top of the top ten list of most stressful jobs. Of all of the people working every type of job, these people could most certainly benefit from massage therapy, and not necessarily just chair massage. They really need to de-stress!

I have given mobile massage to people in the fourth and fifth most stressful jobs many times, and been told about the high stresses that their jobs entail. If you think about it, being an airline pilot is definitely stressful, since you are in control of a huge airplane, and you have to keep it flying right and not crashing. Since airline crashes are a pretty rare thing, these airline pilots are definitely doing a very good job at their work.

Since many airports already have an on the go chair massage place, a regular mobile massage would probably be best for these people. Although, some of those airport massage places basically have no private rooms and give chair and table massage in a public area with windows all around so that passersby can see what is going on. I can imagine that many pilots would not be comfortable with having people walking by seeing them getting a massage in uniform. Maybe pilots can instead be offered chair massage in the private pilot’s lounge, with our mobile massage therapists serving several pilots in one day, or offering longer massage in their lounge, using a small room that might be available in the lounge.

For people working in public relations, the high stress often comes from meeting extremely difficult quotas, and dealing with clientele. Often the clients who use public relations firms can be very demanding. These types of businesspeople would do very well with short duration chair massages in the office, since most of them don’t have the time to receive a full length massage session.

Although these jobs that have been mentioned in this article are considered very high stress, most people have jobs that can be considered high stress, especially if they work for someone else. Demanding work hours, nearly impossible deadlines, and difficult clients are the most common complaints associated with nearly all jobs. For this reason, everyone can benefit from chair massage in their office or workplace, whether paid for by the employer or by themselves.

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