Thursday, July 25, 2013

Regular Chair Massages and the Modern Workplace

While chair massage in the workplace is a relatively new idea, gaining in popularity in recent years, it is certainly an idea whose time has come. There have been a few studies into this area of workplace benefits, i.e. weekly chair massage sessions, but the few there have been have shown large benefits both to the employees and to their employer.

There has been evidence that receiving workplace chair massages on a regular basis can reduce employee stress, as well as reducing their required sick time. Reduced stress improves the employer’s bottom line by causing productivity to increase, thus increasing profits. Also, the less sick time that employees take, the better it is for their employer’s bottom line. If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Less sick days mean that there is more work getting done, and when there is more work getting done, the employer’s profits will increase.

This seems like a win win situation that nearly every office manager and owner would be aware of and implement into their business. All types of businesses have had and would be great candidates to begin a program of office chair massage on a regular basis. From small real estate companies to large hospitals, small accounting firms to large multi billion dollar trans-national corporations like Google and Yahoo (who offer such programs to their employees), every type of business large and small can benefit from chair massage at their location. Whether it is a one time appreciation event or a monthly visit from a local massage therapist, chair massage is a great idea for everyone.

Even with all of the information on possible benefits above, some businesses still see it as an unnecessary expense. However, many employers provide the therapist and allow their employees to pay for their own massages, especially when it is going to be a regular occurrence. Other employers have split the cost with their staff members, paying for half or more of the cost. Most chair massage therapists charge a very reasonable price, often times around half of what a regular table massage session would cost.

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