Thursday, April 18, 2013

Chair Massage For A Fun and Relaxing Day At The Office

Everyone has heard of casual Fridays at work, where everyone gets to dress casually since it is Friday and the last day of the week. What about Chair Massage Mondays? This could be an excellent new trend for companies to start for their workers.

If every company brought in a chair massage therapist on Mondays, this could definitely become the hottest new trend. Word of mouth would spread quickly in every industry, and employers who have implemented it would become the hottest companies to work for . Everyone would want to be employed by them.

Just think, with Chair Massage Mondays, your employees would get to start their work week off on the right foot, with relaxation and stress relief, leading to increased productivity. Many studies have shown that when employees receive chair massages at work, the opposite of the expected effect is engendered. Their productivity is increased rather than decreased!

So, if your company already has a high level of productivity, and the boss brought in chair massages on Mondays, just imagine how high your productivity level could become! Then, in the alternative sense, if your company has been struggling with low productivity, and you brought in chair massage, imagine how the productivity would soar. Your employees would have fewer sick days, greater productivity, and more employer loyalty. They would never want to leave your company, and others would be envious and want to work there too.

So if you really think about it, Chair Massage Mondays really should become a new trend in the business world. Employees would be happier, more productive, less stressed and anxious, perhaps even have fewer depression symptoms, along with other benefits that have yet to be discovered.

Your company could be the one starting this new trend right now, by implementing Chair Massage Mondays. What about this Monday coming up? It would be a great day to start!

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