Monday, June 9, 2014

Chair Massage Can Help Workers With Stress and Joint Flexibility

One of the most common complaints that we see as massage therapists is a restricted range of motion, along with pain, especially in the neck and shoulders. This applies to people in almost every profession, but especially those professions where primarily computer based work is performed. So, office workers, executives, managers, and designers are all sufferers from this problem, although even others who don’t do primarily computer work also have this issue. These would include people such as nurses, physical therapists, and other caregivers who almost invariably do not take proper care of themselves.
So, for such a universal problem, one ought to wonder if there is also an effective and almost universal solution. One such solution, according to a study published Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, is to offer individuals chair massage at work. Chair massage was demonstrated in the study to have a beneficial effect on joint range of motion and pain, especially in the neck area, which is where a great number of office workers complain of pain and restriction.

When we consider the damaging effects of this type of restriction and pain, it can be realized that this would contribute a great deal to employee sick time and down time. When a person has restrictions in their neck and back, they are more likely to take more frequent sick days to try to restore their range of motion and to give the pain time to heal. More sick time means less productivity for the employer.

By institution of a simple chair massage program on site at the office, employers can head this problem off before it becomes more intense. Other studies have shown that massage at work enhances productivity and decreases the number of sick days employees take, and the current study explored in this article is describing some of the likely reasons for that reduction in sick time. When staff members are in less pain, they are more likely to come in to work. And when there is the promise or possibility of receiving chair massage on any given day, then it is less likely workers will take a sick day.

For these reasons, along with others that have been explored in prior articles, it would seem that Chair Massage is an excellent practice to institute at most businesses. Wellness programs are also a great place to bring in chair massage for the employees. Whatever is right for your business, chair massage can help your employees.

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