Thursday, October 3, 2013

Chair Massage At Your Next Corporate Event

Trade shows, health fairs, product launches… there is no shortage of corporate events where bringing in chair massage would be appropriate. Chair massage has been shown in a number of studies to have beneficial effects, even when the massages are brief.
Studies done with nurses in a busy hospital showed that when they were given brief ten minute massages once a week, their stress levels decreased. Post traumatic stress disorder suffered by veterans was also helped by a healthcare modality similar to massage and offered by some massage therapists called CranioSacral Therapy.

Perhaps you are planning your company’s annual health fair. Chair massage is always one of the most popular offerings at such fairs. Trade shows are an excellent place to have massage, since there are always so many things to see at these shows, and people can often become exhausted from walking around for so many hours.

Perhaps the very best place for corporate on site chair massage is at a product launch. This is because many of the people in attendance are potential purchasers, as well as members of the media. Think of what excellent PR your company will receive for having offered massage to clients at your product launch. It can even help to improve your company’s media image if such is necessary in your business.
Chair massage is an excellent offering for potential clients, for partners, and for employees, in every type of corporate event that there is. If you would like more information about chair massage at your next corporate or office event, please visit our chair massage page by clicking here.

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